Advanced Mathematics 2

Video Course Instructor
Video-1 Solid Geometry- Introduction Prof.A.N.Shantharajappa
Video- 2 Solid Geometry-Direction cosines & Directon Ratios Prof.A.N.Shantharajappa
Video-3 Solid Geometry- problems on direction cosines Prof.A.N.Shantharajappa
Video- 4 Solid Geometry- Planes Prof.R.Murali
Video 5 Solid Geometry-Intersection of Two planes Prof.R.Murali
Video- 6 Solid Geometry-Straight Line Prof.R.Murali
Video- 7 Solid Geometry-Straight Line-Problems Prof.R.Murali
Video-8 Vector Algebra -Introduction- Representations Prof.A.N.Shantharajappa
Video- 9 Vector Algebra- Introduction Prof.S.P.Suma
Video- 10 Scalar and Vector fields, Gradiant Prof.S.P.Suma
Video-11 Laplace transforms of elementary functions Prof.K.S.basavarajappa
Video-12 Laplace transforms of Derivatives Prof.K.S.basavarajappa
Video-13 Laplace Transforms- Initial value problems Prof.K.S.basavarajappa
Video-14 Differential Equations Prof.K.S.basavarajappa
Video-15 Directional Derivatives Prof.S.P.Suma
Video-16 Directional Derivatives cont.. Prof.S.P.Suma
Video-17 Vector Calculas Prof.V.Ramachandramurthy
Video 18- Vector Calculus cont.. Prof.V.Ramachandramurthy
Video 19 - Vector Calculas cont.. Prof.V.Ramachandramurthy
Video 20 - Vector Calculus cont.. Prof.V.Ramachandramurthy
Video 21- Laplace Transform Prof.S.S.Benchalli
Video 22- Variety of Examples on Laplace Transforms Prof.S.S.Benchalli
Video 23- Inverse Transforms Prof.G.B.Marali
Video 24- Laplace Transforms Prof.S.S.Benchalli
Video 25- Periodic Function Prof.S.S.Benchalli
Video 26- Partial Fractions Prof.G.B.Marali
Video 27- Inverse Partician fractions and Laplace Transforms Prof.G.B.Marali
Video 28- Multiple Integrals Prof.G.B.Marali

Engineering Maths 2 (15MAT21)

Video Course Instructor
Module 1 .
Video-1 Introduction to Differential Equations Prof.S.S.Benchalli
Video-2 First Order Initial value problem Prof.S.S.Benchalli
Video-3 Graphical representation of Superposition Principle Prof.S.S.Benchalli
Video-4 Application Problems Prof.S.S.Benchalli
Video-5 Rules for finding particular Integral Prof.S.S.Benchalli
Video- 6 Rules for finding PI in certain cases Prof.S.S.Benchalli
Video-7 Method of undetermined co-efficients and variaton of Parameters Prof.S.S.Benchalli
Module 2 .
Video 1- LDE with variable Coefficients Prof.Azgar Pasha
Video 2- Cauchys homogeneous equation Prof.Azgar Pasha
Video 3- Legendres differential equation Prof.Azgar Pasha
Video 4- Solution of 1st order Non-liner differential equation Prof.Azgar Pasha
Video 5- Differential equation- Solvable for x Prof.Azgar Pasha
Video 6- Solving equation for y Prof.Azgar Pasha
Video 7- Clairauits diffrential equation Prof.Azgar Pasha
Module 3 .
Video 1- Partial differential equation Prof.R.Murali
Video 2- Formation of a PDE by elimination of arbitrary constants Prof.R.Murali
Video 3- Formation of a PDE by elimination of arbitrary function in a relation Prof.R.Murali
Video 4- Solution of Non-Homogeneous PDEs by direct integration Prof.R.Murali
Video 5- Solution of Homogeneous PDEs involving derivatives with respect to one independent variable Prof.R.Murali
Video 6- Derivation of one dimensional heat and wave equations Prof.R.Murali
Video 7- method of separation of variables Prof.R.Murali
Module 4 .
Video-1 Multiple Integrals Prof.G.B.Maralli
Video 2- Evaluation of Double Integrals Prof.G.B.Maralli
Video 3- Multiple Integrals Prof.G.B.Maralli
Video 4- Multiple Integrals cont.. Prof.G.B.Maralli
Video 5- Triple Integrals Prof.G.B.Maralli
Video 6- Triple Integrals Prof.G.B.Maralli
Video 7- Multiple Integrals Prof.G.B.Maralli
Module 5 .
Video-1- Introduction to Laplace Transforms Prof.S.P.Suma
Video-2 Elementary Laplace transforms Prof.K.S.basavarajappa
Video-3 Laplace Transforms-Simple Problems Prof.K.S.basavarajappa
Video-4 Problems on Applying shifting property Prof.K.S.basavarajappa
Video-5 Periodic Functions Prof.K.S.basavarajappa
Video-6 Inverse Laplace Transforms Prof.K.S.basavarajappa
Video-7 Inverse Transforms- Convolution Theorem Prof.K.S.basavarajappa

Engg Maths 4

Video Course Instructor
Engineering Maths 4 Video-1 prof.A H Srinivasa
Engineering Maths 4 Video-2 Prof.K.R.Jayakumar
Engineering Maths 4 Video-3 Prof.B.Shanmukha
Engineering Maths 4 Video-4 Prof.A.H.Srinivas
Engineering Maths 4 Video-5 Prof.K.R.Jayakumar
Engineering Maths 4 Video-6 Prof.B.Shanmukha
Engineering Maths 4 Video-7 Prof.S.S.Benchalli
Engineering Maths 4 Video-8 Prof.S.S.Benchalli
Engineering Maths 4 Video-9 Prof.B.Shanmukha
Engineering Maths 4 Video-10 Prof.K.S.Basavarajappa
Engineering Maths 4 Video-11 Prof.K.S.Basavarajappa
Engineering Maths 4 Video-12 Prof.S.S.Benchalli
Engineering Maths 4 Video-13 Prof.S.S.Benchalli
Engineering Maths 4 Video-14 Prof.B.Shanmukha
Engineering Maths 4 Video-15 Prof.K.S.Basavarajappa
Engineering Maths 4 Video-16 Prof.K.S.Basavarajappa
Engineering Maths 4 Video-17 Prof.A.H.Srinivas
Engineering Maths 4 Video-18 Prof.K.R.Jayakumar
Engineering Maths 4 Video-19 Prof.B.Shanmukha