Financial Management

Video Course Instructor
Module 1 .
Video-1 Overview of Financial Management Prof.T.Manjunath
Video-2 Financial Management Goals Prof.T.Manjunath
Video-3 Role of a Finance manager and finance department Prof.T.Manjunath
Video-4 Introduction to Indian Financial System Prof.T.Manjunath
Video-5 Sources of Financing Prof.T.Manjunath
Module 2 .
Video-1 Time value of Money Basics Prof.Prakash B Yaragol
Video-2 Time Value-Cash flow types Prof.Prakash B Yaragol
Video-3 Problems on present cash flow and future cash flow Prof.Prakash B Yaragol
Video-4 Perpectuity, Loan amortisation, Doubling rule,ERate of Interest Prof.Prakash B Yaragol
Module 3 .
Video-1 Cost of Capital Prof.Y.M.Satish
Video 2- Lost of capital significance Prof.Y.M.Satish
Video 3- Cost of perpetual debentures Prof.Y.M.Satish
Video 4- CAPM Prof.Y.M.Satish
Video 5- Weighted marginal cost of capital Prof.Y.M.Satish
Module 4 .
Video 1- Capital Budgeting Prof.Binoy Mathew
Video 2- Kinds of Capital budgeting decission Prof.Binoy Mathew
Video 3- Capital Budgeting (Investment Decisions) Prof.Binoy Mathew
Video 4- Investment Decission Prof.Binoy Mathew
Video 5- Discounted Cash flow Prof.Binoy Mathew
Video 6- Investment decission Prof.Binoy Mathew
Video 7- Investment Decission Prof.Binoy Mathew
Module 5 .
Video 1- Working Capital Management Prof.Savitha G Lakkal
Video 2- Working Capital Approaches and ST Sources of funds Prof.Savitha G Lakkal
Video 3- Working Capital Policy Prof.Savitha G Lakkal
Video 4- Working Capital Estimation Prof.Savitha G Lakkal
Module 6 .
Video 1- Capital Structure Prof.Keshav Rao G V
Video 2- Capital structure cont.. Prof.Keshav Rao G V
Video 3- Earning of share Prof.Keshav Rao G V
Video 4- Dividend Policy Prof.Keshav Rao G V
Video 5- Dividend policies- stable dividend Prof.Keshav Rao G V
Module 7 .
Video 1- Mergers and Acquisitions Prof.Savitha G Lakkal
Video 1- Risk Management Prof.Prakash B Yaragol