Advanced Mathematics 2

Video Course Instructor
Video-1 Solid Geometry- Introduction Prof.A.N.Shantharajappa
Video- 2 Solid Geometry-Direction cosines & Directon Ratios Prof.A.N.Shantharajappa
Video-3 Solid Geometry- problems on direction cosines Prof.A.N.Shantharajappa
Video- 4 Solid Geometry- Planes Prof.R.Murali
Video 5 Solid Geometry-Intersection of Two planes Prof.R.Murali
Video- 6 Solid Geometry-Straight Line Prof.R.Murali
Video- 7 Solid Geometry-Straight Line-Problems Prof.R.Murali
Video-8 Vector Algebra -Introduction- Representations Prof.A.N.Shantharajappa
Video- 9 Vector Algebra- Introduction Prof.S.P.Suma
Video- 10 Scalar and Vector fields, Gradiant Prof.S.P.Suma
Video-11 Laplace transforms of elementary functions Prof.K.S.basavarajappa
Video-12 Laplace transforms of Derivatives Prof.K.S.basavarajappa
Video-13 Laplace Transforms- Initial value problems Prof.K.S.basavarajappa
Video-14 Differential Equations Prof.K.S.basavarajappa
Video-15 Directional Derivatives Prof.S.P.Suma
Video-16 Directional Derivatives cont.. Prof.S.P.Suma
Video-17 Vector Calculas Prof.V.Ramachandramurthy
Video 18- Vector Calculus cont.. Prof.V.Ramachandramurthy
Video 19 - Vector Calculas cont.. Prof.V.Ramachandramurthy
Video 20 - Vector Calculus cont.. Prof.V.Ramachandramurthy
Video 21- Laplace Transform Prof.S.S.Benchalli
Video 22- Variety of Examples on Laplace Transforms Prof.S.S.Benchalli
Video 23- Inverse Transforms Prof.G.B.Marali
Video 24- Laplace Transforms Prof.S.S.Benchalli
Video 25- Periodic Function Prof.S.S.Benchalli
Video 26- Partial Fractions Prof.G.B.Marali
Video 27- Inverse Partician fractions and Laplace Transforms Prof.G.B.Marali
Video 28- Multiple Integrals Prof.G.B.Marali

Programming in C and Data Structures

Video Course Instructor
Module 1 .
Video 1-Introduction to C Language Prof.K.S.Shreedhara
Video 2- Print statements, Data types, Programming Examples Prof.K.S.Shreedhara
Module 2 .
Video 1- Branching and Looping Prof.K.S.Shreedhara
Video 2- For statement, For Loop, GoTo Statement Prof.K.S.Shreedhara
Video 3- While-loop, do-while Loop, For Loop Prof.K.S.Shreedhara
Video 4- For Loop, Continue Keyword Prof.K.S.Shreedhara
Video 5- Programming Examples, Break Statement Prof.K.S.Shreedhara
Module 3 .
Video 1- ARRAYS Prof.P.C.Manjunath
Video-2 Using an ARRAYS Prof.P.C.Manjunatha
Video 3- Linear Search and Binary Search Prof.P.C.Manjunatha
Video 4- Functions,Arrays and Strings Prof.P.C.Manjunatha
Video 5- Bubble Sort and Two Dimensional Arrays Prof.P.C.Manjunath
Video 6- Simple programs on 2D Arrays Prof.P.C.Manjunath
Video 7- Matrix Addition and Multiplication Prof.P.C.Manjunath
Video 8- Program on Matrices Prof.P.C.Manjunath
Video 9- Program on Strings Prof.P.C.Manjunath
Video -10 Array of Strings Prof.P.C.Manjunath
Video-11 Functions in C Prof.P.C.Manjunatha
Video-12 Lab Programs and Storage Classes Prof.P.C.Manjunatha
Video 13- Function Call Methods Prof.P.C.Manjunatha
Module 4 .
Video 1- Data Types Prof.Padma Reddy
Video 2- Structures Prof.Padma Reddy
video 3- Structure Variables Properties Prof.Padma Reddy
video 4- Defined Structure Prof.Padma Reddy
video 5- Passing Structure Prof.Padma Reddy
video 6- How to pass Structure Prof.Padma Reddy
video 7- Opening and Closing of Files Prof.Padma Reddy
Video 8- fscanf() & fprintf() Prof.Padma Reddy
Video 9- Fgetc() & Fputc() Prof.Padma Reddy
Video 10- Pointers and Addresses Prof.P.Suresh
Video 11- Pointers and Arrays Prof.P.Suresh
Video 12- Pointers in C Prof.P.Suresh
Video 13- C Preprocessors Prof.P.Suresh
Video 10- Transducers cont.. Prof.Cyril Prasanna Raj
Video 14- Data Structures and Algorithms Prof.P.Suresh

Field Theory

Video Course Instructor
Unit 1 (Part A) .
Video 1- Review of Vector Analysis Prof.Prashant.P.P
Video 2- Coordinate System Prof.Prashant.P.P
Video 3- Coulombs Law Prof.Prashanth.P.P
Video 4- Electric Field and Gauss Law Prof.Prashanth.P.P
Video 5- Divergence Theorem Prof.Prashanth.P.P
Video 6- Electrostatics Prof.Prashant.P.P
Video 7- Application of Gauss Law Prof.Prashant.P.P
Unit 2 .
Video 1- Energy and Potential Prof.Sleeba Mathew
Video 2- Potential Gradient Prof.Sleeba Mathew
Video 3- Conductors and dielectrics Prof.Sleeba Mathew
Video 4- Boundary Conditions Prof.Sleeba Mathew
Video 5- Concentric Spherical Shells Prof.Sleeba Mathew
Unit 3 .
Video 1- Poissons and Laplace Equation Prof.Sleeba Mathew
Video 2- Examples of the solution of Laplace equation Prof.Sleeba Mathew
Unit 4 .
Video 1- Biot-Savart law Prof.Sivapriyan R
Video 2- Ampheres circuit law Prof.Sivapriyan R
Video 3- Curl, Stokes theorem Prof.Sivapriyan R
Video 4- Magnetic flux and Magnetic flux density Prof.Sivapriyan R
Unit- 5 (Part B) .
Video 1- Magnetic Forces Prof.Sivapriyan R
Video 2- Force and Torque on a Closed Circuit Prof.Sivapriyan R
Video 3- Magnetic Boundary Conditions Prof.Sivapriyan R
Video 4- Inductance and Mutual Inductance Prof.Sivapriyan R
Video 5- Inductance and Energy Prof.Sivapriyan R
Unit- 6 .
Video 1- Maxwell Equation Prof.Preeta Sharan
Video 2- Faradays Law and Concept of Displacement Current Prof.Preeta Sharan
Video 3- Numerical based on time varying Maxwell Prof.Preeta Sharan
UNIT- 7 .
Video 1- Uniform plane wave Prof.Preeta Sharan
Video 2- Poynting’s theorem Prof.Preeta Sharan
Video 3- Numerical Prof.Preeta Sharan
Video 4- Problems on Poynting’s theorem derivation Prof.Preeta Sharan
UNIT- 8 .
Video 1- Plane wave at boundaries and in dispersive media Prof.Preeta Sharan
Video 2- Numericals 2 Prof.Preeta Sharan
Video 3- Wave propagation in dispensive medium Prof.Preeta Sharan

Finite Element Methods

Video Course Instructor
Finite Element Methods Video-1 Prof.T.Jagadish
Finite Element Methods Video-2 Prof.T.Jagadish
Finite Element Methods Video-3 Prof.T.Jagadish
Finite Element Methods Video-4 Prof.T.Jagadish
Finite Element Methods Video-5 Prof.T.Jagadish
Finite Element Methods Video-6 Prof.H.K.Rangavittal
Finite Element Methods Video-7 Prof.H.K.Rangavittal
Finite Element Methods Video-8 Prof.H.K.Rangavittal
Finite Element Methods Video-9 Prof.H.K.Rangavittal
Finite Element Methods Video-10 Prof.H.K.Rangavittal
Finite Element Methods Video-11 ProfH.K.Rangavittal
Finite Element Methods Video-12 Prof.H.K.Rangavittal
Finite Element Methods Video-13 Prof.H.K.Rangavittal
Finite Element Methods Video-14 Prof.H.K.Rangavittal
Finite Element Methods Video-15 Prof.H.K.Rangavittal
Finite Element Methods Video-16 Prof.H.K.Rangavittal
Finite Element Methods Video-17 Prof.H.K.Rangavittal
Finite Element Methods Video-18 Prof.H.K.Rangavittal
Finite Element Methods Video-19 Prof.H.K.Rangavittal
Finite Element Methods Video-20 Prof.H.K.Rangavittal
Finite Element Methods Video-21 Prof.T.Jagadish
Finite Element Methods Video-22 Prof.T.Jagadish
Finite Element Methods Video-23 Prof.T.Jagadish
Finite Element Methods Video-24 Prof.T.Jagadish
Finite Element Methods Video-25 Prof.T.Jagadish
Finite Element Methods Video-26 Prof.Shivashankar R Srivasta
Finite Element Methods Video-27 Prof.Shivashankar R Srivasta
Finite Element Methods Video-28 Prof.Shivashankar R Srivasta
Finite Element Methods Video-29 Prof.Shivashankar R Srivasta
Finite Element Methods Video-30 Prof.T.Jagadish
Finite Element Methods Video-31 Prof.T.Jagadish
Finite Element Methods Video-32 Prof.T.Jagadish
Finite Element Methods Video-33 Prof.T.Jagadish
Finite Element Methods Video-34 Prof.T.Jagadish
Finite Element Methods Video-35 Prof.Shivashankar R Srivasta
Finite Element Methods Video-36 Prof.Shivashankar R Srivasta
Finite Element Methods Video-37 Prof.Shivashankar R Srivasta
Finite Element Methods Video-38 Prof.Shivashankar R Srivasta
Finite Element Methods Video-39 Prof.T.Jagadish

Basic Electrical Engineering

Video Course Instructor
Module 1 .
Video 1- DC Circuits illustrative examples Prof.V.Keshavamurthy
Video 2- DC Circuits illustrative examples Prof.V.Keshavamurthy
Video 3- DC Circuits illustrative examples Prof.V.Keshavamurthy
Video 4- DC Circuits illustrative examples Prof.V.Keshavamurthy
Video 5- Introduction to Electromagnetism Prof.V.Keshavamurthy
Video 6- Electromagnet Induction Prof.V.Keshavamurthy
Video 7- Statically induced EMF Prof.V.Keshavamurthy
Module 2 .
Video 1- Working Principle of DC Machine Prof.H.A.Vidya
Video 2- Types of Armature Windings Prof.H.A.Vidya
Video 3- Self Excited Generators Prof.H.A.Vidya
Video 4- Operation of DC Motors Prof.H.A.Vidya
Video 5- Problems on back emf and Torque Equations Prof.H.A.Vidya
Video 6- DC Motor Charecteristics Prof.H.A.Vidya
Video 7- Problems on DC series and Shunt Motor Prof.H.A.Vidya
Video 8- Measuring Instruments Prof.H.A.Vidya
Video 9- Dynamometer Type Watt meter Prof.H.A.Vidya
Module 3 .
Video 1- Single Phase AC Circuits Prof.Pavankumar Y
Video 2- Average Value, RMS Value Prof.Pavankumar Y
Video 3- R,L,C Circuits Prof.Pavankumar Y
Video 4- R-L and R-C AC Circuits Prof.Y.Pavankumar
Video 5- Parallel R-L and R-C Circuits Prof.Pavan Kumar Y
Video 6- Problems on Single Phase A/C Circuits Prof.Pavan Kumar Y
Video 7- Problem on Single phase AC Circuit Prof.Pavan Kumar Y
Module 4 .
Video 1- Three Phase Circuits Prof.Pavan Kumar Y
Video 2- Delta Connection Prof.Pavan Kumar Y
Video 3- Measurement of Power Prof.Pavan Kumar Y
Video 4- Problems on 3 Phase AC Circuits and Transformers Prof.Pavan Kumar Y
Video 5- E.M.F equation Prof.Pavan Kumar Y
Video 6- Three Phase Synchronous Generators: Prof. Nagesh Prabhu
Video 7- Three Phase Synchronous Generators Prof. Nagesh Prabhu
Video 8- Three Phase Synchronous Generators Prof. Nagesh Prabhu
Video 9- Applications of squirrel - cage and slip - ring motors Prof.Pavan Kumar Y
Video 10- squirrel - cage and slip - ring motors Prof.Pavan Kumar Y
Module 5 .
Video 1- Voltage regulation of Transformers Prof.Pavan Kumar Y
Video 2- Domestic Wiring Prof.Pavan Kumar Y

Basic Electronics

Video Course Instructor
Module 1 .
Video 1- Semiconductor Diodes Prof.Ravi M Yadahalli
Video 2- DC Load Line Analysis Prof.Ravi M Yadahalli
Video 3- Zener Diode Voltage Regulators Prof. Ravi.M.Yadahalli
Video 4- Full Wave Bridge Rectifier Prof. Ravi.M.Yadahalli
Video 5- Regulated DC Power Supply, Zener Diode Prof. Ravi.M.Yadahalli
Video 6- Bipolar Junction Transistors Prof. Ravi.M.Yadahalli
Video 7- BJT Amplifiers Prof. Ravi.M.Yadahalli
Video 8- Common Emmiter & Common Collector Charecteristics Prof.Ravi M Ydahalli
Module 2 ,
Video 1- BJT Biasing Prof.D.V.Manjunatha
Video 2- Base Bias Technique Prof.D.V.Manjunatha
Video 3- Voltage Divider Bias Prof.D.V.Manjunatha
Video 4- Problem on Voltage Divide Bias, OPAMP Prof.D.V.Manjunatha
Video 5- Inverting OPAMP Prof.D.V.Manjunatha
Video 6- Non Inverting OPAMP, OPAMP Applications Prof.D.V.Manjunatha
Video 7- Problem on OPAMPS Prof.D.V.Manjunatha
Video 8- OPAMP Subtractor and Differentiator Prof.D.V.Manjunatha
Module 3 .
Video 1- Digital Electronics Prof.Anandthirtha B Gudi
Video 2- Number Systems Prof.Anandathirtha B Gudi
Video 3- Boolean Algebra Prof.Anandathirtha B Gudi
Video 4- Logic Gates Prof.Anandathirtha B Gudi
Video 5- Boolean Algebra Prof.Anandathirtha B Gudi
Video 6- Half Adder, Full Adder Prof.Anandathirtha B Gudi
Video 7- Parallel Binary adder Prof.Anandathirtha B Gudi
Module 4 .
Video 1- Flip-Flops Prof.S.V.Suma
Video 2- Microcontrollers Prof.S.V.Suma
Video 3- 8051 Microcontroller Architecture Prof.S.V.Suma
Video 4- Specific features of 8051 Prof.S.V.Suma
Video 5- Communication and Comparison of modulation techniques Prof.Cyril Prasanna Raj
Video 6- Communication System Prof.Cyril Prasanna Raj
Video 7- Demodulation of Amplitude: Modulated signals Prof.Cyril Prasanna Raj
Video 8- F.M Signals, Understanding bandwidth Prof.Cyril Prasanna Raj
Video 9- Transducers Prof.Cyril Prasanna Raj

Financial Management

Video Course Instructor
Module 1 .
Video-1 Overview of Financial Management Prof.T.Manjunath
Video-2 Financial Management Goals Prof.T.Manjunath
Video-3 Role of a Finance manager and finance department Prof.T.Manjunath
Video-4 Introduction to Indian Financial System Prof.T.Manjunath
Video-5 Sources of Financing Prof.T.Manjunath
Module 2 .
Video-1 Time value of Money Basics Prof.Prakash B Yaragol
Video-2 Time Value-Cash flow types Prof.Prakash B Yaragol
Video-3 Problems on present cash flow and future cash flow Prof.Prakash B Yaragol
Video-4 Perpectuity, Loan amortisation, Doubling rule,ERate of Interest Prof.Prakash B Yaragol
Module 3 .
Video-1 Cost of Capital Prof.Y.M.Satish
Video 2- Lost of capital significance Prof.Y.M.Satish
Video 3- Cost of perpetual debentures Prof.Y.M.Satish
Video 4- CAPM Prof.Y.M.Satish
Video 5- Weighted marginal cost of capital Prof.Y.M.Satish
Module 4 .
Video 1- Capital Budgeting Prof.Binoy Mathew
Video 2- Kinds of Capital budgeting decission Prof.Binoy Mathew
Video 3- Capital Budgeting (Investment Decisions) Prof.Binoy Mathew
Video 4- Investment Decission Prof.Binoy Mathew
Video 5- Discounted Cash flow Prof.Binoy Mathew
Video 6- Investment decission Prof.Binoy Mathew
Video 7- Investment Decission Prof.Binoy Mathew
Module 5 .
Video 1- Working Capital Management Prof.Savitha G Lakkal
Video 2- Working Capital Approaches and ST Sources of funds Prof.Savitha G Lakkal
Video 3- Working Capital Policy Prof.Savitha G Lakkal
Video 4- Working Capital Estimation Prof.Savitha G Lakkal
Module 6 .
Video 1- Capital Structure Prof.Keshav Rao G V
Video 2- Capital structure cont.. Prof.Keshav Rao G V
Video 3- Earning of share Prof.Keshav Rao G V
Video 4- Dividend Policy Prof.Keshav Rao G V
Video 5- Dividend policies- stable dividend Prof.Keshav Rao G V
Module 7 .
Video 1- Mergers and Acquisitions Prof.Savitha G Lakkal
Video 1- Risk Management Prof.Prakash B Yaragol

Engineering Maths 2 (15MAT21)

Video Course Instructor
Module 1 .
Video-1 Introduction to Differential Equations Prof.S.S.Benchalli
Video-2 First Order Initial value problem Prof.S.S.Benchalli
Video-3 Graphical representation of Superposition Principle Prof.S.S.Benchalli
Video-4 Application Problems Prof.S.S.Benchalli
Video-5 Rules for finding particular Integral Prof.S.S.Benchalli
Video- 6 Rules for finding PI in certain cases Prof.S.S.Benchalli
Video-7 Method of undetermined co-efficients and variaton of Parameters Prof.S.S.Benchalli
Module 2 .
Video 1- LDE with variable Coefficients Prof.Azgar Pasha
Video 2- Cauchys homogeneous equation Prof.Azgar Pasha
Video 3- Legendres differential equation Prof.Azgar Pasha
Video 4- Solution of 1st order Non-liner differential equation Prof.Azgar Pasha
Video 5- Differential equation- Solvable for x Prof.Azgar Pasha
Video 6- Solving equation for y Prof.Azgar Pasha
Video 7- Clairauits diffrential equation Prof.Azgar Pasha
Module 3 .
Video 1- Partial differential equation Prof.R.Murali
Video 2- Formation of a PDE by elimination of arbitrary constants Prof.R.Murali
Video 3- Formation of a PDE by elimination of arbitrary function in a relation Prof.R.Murali
Video 4- Solution of Non-Homogeneous PDEs by direct integration Prof.R.Murali
Video 5- Solution of Homogeneous PDEs involving derivatives with respect to one independent variable Prof.R.Murali
Video 6- Derivation of one dimensional heat and wave equations Prof.R.Murali
Video 7- method of separation of variables Prof.R.Murali
Module 4 .
Video-1 Multiple Integrals Prof.G.B.Maralli
Video 2- Evaluation of Double Integrals Prof.G.B.Maralli
Video 3- Multiple Integrals Prof.G.B.Maralli
Video 4- Multiple Integrals cont.. Prof.G.B.Maralli
Video 5- Triple Integrals Prof.G.B.Maralli
Video 6- Triple Integrals Prof.G.B.Maralli
Video 7- Multiple Integrals Prof.G.B.Maralli
Module 5 .
Video-1- Introduction to Laplace Transforms Prof.S.P.Suma
Video-2 Elementary Laplace transforms Prof.K.S.basavarajappa
Video-3 Laplace Transforms-Simple Problems Prof.K.S.basavarajappa
Video-4 Problems on Applying shifting property Prof.K.S.basavarajappa
Video-5 Periodic Functions Prof.K.S.basavarajappa
Video-6 Inverse Laplace Transforms Prof.K.S.basavarajappa
Video-7 Inverse Transforms- Convolution Theorem Prof.K.S.basavarajappa